Friday, April 27, 2012

Ok, so firstly, this is the response to Noelle's challenge thingy about the ten random questions and a couple of new ones of my own. Secondly, I am going to a swim meet on Saturday (the 28th of April) so I would really like your prayers that I do well and don't put my hip out when I do the breast stroke. Now, please enjoy the videos and comment for Johnny Depp!

This is the video because naughty blogspot wouldn't let me upload it :(

I am tagging: Flo, Noelle, Nini, and Misty to do this new random question thingy.

After you watch the video above, please watch this to see my answers to the new random questions. Now, I want to say, thank you all for watching and please comment for Johnny Depp in the backround! Bye!


Anonymous said...

oh great now i have 20 questions i have to answer... :D

Noelle said...

Oh, yay! I shall do the video soon, as soon as I finish filming the one I'm currently making.

And thanks for doing my video and tagging me!
This is so fun!! =D

Noelle said...

There's mine! =)

Anonymous said...

Okayy I'm almost done!