Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday there was an activity for all the family kids in this area ages 12-17. I am just within that age group, as are most of my friends. this activity was in Mexico City and we live about four hours away in Cournavaca. I am the only person in that age group in my home, so i went with the haven home, who had six people going already. Since they didn't circulate that day, we went the night before and spent the night at Aaron an Dulce's home. the next morning the CTC home had come too, and one other home. the other home was the only one with a car that could circulate on that day, so we all went in that one. There was just one problem: have you ever tried fitting twenty-four people into a twelve-seater? I felt like a sardine!!! We played three games of paint ball. my team lost the first one, in spite of Niki and I taking out the opposing team leader. the second game i think we could have won. we had the position that the other team had had last game, and it was much easier to defend. But they stopped that game in the middle to do another activity. I didn't play the third game.
Then we went to the woods and had a barbecue. it was a long activity. we had lots of fun going for a hike. in the middle of the hike, for no apparent reason, Richard announced that we were going "zombie hunting" don't ask me where he came up with this. we didn't catch any, but i thought that it was funny because every stick or stone we passed, he used his imagination to make it into some sort of evidence that zombies had been there. when we finally got back to my home it was past midnight, but I had a lot of fun.

Sunday, May 10, 2009