Sunday, September 10, 2006


Jonah was a prophet
And he had a lot to say,
But they were not his words,
But God's for the day

One night Jonah was praying
And he heard God say
Go to Ninevah
This month of May.

No no said Jonah
I will not go
Ninevah is a horrible place
So I say no!

So Jonah thought,
From God I'll run away.
He'll never find me
And I'll be okay.

Jonah found a ship
To Tarshish he went
In a storm so rough
The sails were bent

Who's fault is this?
The captain did cry
And Jonah said,
I'm afraid it is I.

Throw me overboard,
Into the sea
And save at least
Yourselves, not me.

So Jonah,
Overboard he went
And God
A great big fish he sent.

Three days and three nights
Spent inside a fish
Till Jonah was
Spit out with a swish.

Then Jonah went to Ninevah,
A humbler, wiser man.
He now knew not to run from God
But to do for God all that he can.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ixtapa part 3

We went to Playa Las Gatas. We took a taxi to Zhieuatanejo, then we took a boat across the bay. On the other side there were tiny waves. When you went out to where the waves were splashing, you would find that the bottom slopes for about a foot, then the water is clear and calm with a sandy bottom and you can swim in it as if it was a swimming pool. It was also warm. If you went out a little further you could snorkle and see fish and coral. You could actually go out to the coral reef, but we didn't want to because the water was so shallow there and we wanted to be able to look down on the fishes, not say hello and shake their fin.

I learned how to carve sand castles. Anisha and I made the prettiest fairy castle for the sand fairies to live in. I carved the bottom part while Nini made a drip castle up top. Then we dug a tunnel through it as a hallway and off of the tunnel we dug little rooms into which we put sand furnishings. We hope the fairies like our castle.

We went to that beach twice. I think it was my most favorite part of the whole trip!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

This is the pool at the fancy hotel that we were allowed to use.

Ixtapa part 2

The next day we got up at 7:30 while Mommy slept (she had an earache) and went with Gogee to the beach. We found a new way to get from the beach to our street without going through a hotel lobby. In the afternoon we went to see the manager of a hotel called "Dorado Pacifico". We sang for him. He said we could have three breakfast buffets in his hotel and we could use the pool. He was happy that we came to see him. That evening we provisioned a delicious dinner. The girl who we provisioned it from also gave us ice-cream. That evening Mommy also prayed with a very sweet man to recieve the Holy Spirit and he had a neat experience where he felt a cold wind rush all around him even when it was a very hot night and they were sweating.

To be continued...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ixtapa.part one (typed by Tory)

On the way to Ixtapa,we took two busses, the first one was very nice. The second one was so-so. We travelled for 8 hours.
When we first got there we went to the beach ,and Mommy started talking with a nice man.
The man's name was Guiermo, and suddenly he said,"I want to give you a free horsey ride",
so we went. And that was the first day.
To be continued

(From Shelly) We went with Gogee and Mommy. The hotel we stayed in was very nice. It had quite a deep pool though. It didn't have aircon and it was super duper duper hot!