Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ok, so  on memorial day (btw Happy Memorial Day) I dislocated my hip. So now, I can't straighten my left leg {the hip i dislocated) and can't walk on my heel. And we are leaving for Mexico 2nite! Dad's back is also really out. It hurts really bad, so please pray that my hip and Dad's back will feel much better, and that we will be able to get home safely.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pictures and Cats

Me with Rico, the cat I fell in love with.

More Rico and me

My one true luv RICO!

Anim was kind enough to take some pics of us girls when we visited them, so here are Tory and Noelle

Us 3 girlies

I like how my hair looks in this pic. I tell you, it is all real

More pictures

I think this came out really cool

Well, now that you have seen the pictures, tell me what you think about them, and BTW, Nini, Flo, Windy. and Misty all need to post and do the video challenge thing that Noelle issued.

Wooooooooot! and a Video!

Ok, so guess who I visited? Noelle!!!!! And Nini. And i made the video that Noelle issued. I tried to upload the Vid, but it didn't work, so I put it on youtube like last time. Here it is! I also fell in love!! With a cat. And there is a small possibility that we will be able to take it to mexico!! Please pray that we can take it!!! So I will say goodbye. Also expect another post soon with pictures that we took in San Antoino.