Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pure white up side down
Never greets you with a frown
A lovely lilly
Here is a poem I wrote:


This is a tale
That's been told many a time
But now I've decided
To tell it in rhyme.

Of how the Sun and the Wind
Had a little fight
And both thought
That they themselves were right

Look ho said the Wind
At that man on the path
Let's see said the Wind
In his terrible wrath

Let's see who can make
Him take off his coat and put it down
You will shine I will blow
Said the Wind with a frown

So the Wind blew
But it only made
The man hug his coat tighter
His body to shade

So then the Sun shone
Without any wrath
And it made the man
Drop his coat on the path

Look here, said the Sun
Is it not agreed
That kind words work better
Than unkind ones indeed?

So if you ever happen
To get into a fight
Use kind words
And you will surely be right