Friday, September 16, 2011

The following is a story I wrote for my language arts. The assignment was to write a biblical fiction based on the Good Samaritain, (Luke 10:25-35) in someones point of view. I chose one of the thieves.
I pulled myself up, peering of the the edge of the rock, trying to see the road. There was no one there yet. We had been waiting for over three hours in the sweltering sun. Caiaphas, my partner and brother, was snoring next to me. His face was now bright red, and I was sure that mine didn't look any better. I heard nothing but the wind and the occasional hiss of a snake. I felt like drifting off, everything was so quiet, but I shook myself awake. It wouldn't do to fall asleep and miss a traveler. I wasn't able to get a job, so I made a living stealing. It wasn't the life I would have chosen, but I didn't have any other way to support my wife, three children, and widowed mother. My brother, on the other hand, actually enjoyed stealing. He wasn't the brightest man, but he was strong, fast,(though he didn't look it) and a good fighter.
Hearing a creak, I sat bolt upright, almost hitting a rock. I dared to glance at the road again, and saw a man. He was riding on a cart, laden with packages. A donkey was pulling the cart. I slapped my hand over Caiaphas' mouth, then pinched him. His eyes flew open, hand going for his knife. He relaxed when he saw me. I gestured towards the road, and Caiaphas understood. I took my hand off his mouth, and we crept down the small path, heading towards the road.
We made it to the road in about a minute, then sauntered up to the man, who was eating his lunch. Caiaphas had his hand on his knife, ready to draw it at a moments notice. I calmly told the man that if he gave us his money, he wouldn't get hurt. He refused, so Caiaphas beat him into unconsciousness. Caiaphas boarded the cart, while I bent over the man. Taking his money pouch, I pressed a coin into his hand. It was a custom for me. I then climbed onto the cart, and Caiaphas gave a yell, making the donkey move. We then started towards our home, in a small town near Bethany.