Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hi everybody. We haven't posted much lately but as soon as possible we'll tell you about our vacation in Ixtapa and all about the beach.

We love you!

Monday, August 14, 2006

From Shelly:

This is a story I wrote for my school work:

"The Three Brother's Garden"

Once upon a time there was three brothers. The oldest one was John. The next one was Noah and the youngest's name was Joe. It all began a warm day in March... John and his brothers were having a chat when John said, "Why don't we grow a garden? We'll grow tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and radishes." The other two agreed. Joe knew they would have to work very, very hard to grow a garden. Noah called, "I'll get the shovel!" and he was gone. Joe called, "I'll get the hoe and the spade!" and he was gone too. Last of all John got some fertilizer. Then when they had all the things they needed they sang "Jesus oh Jesus" while they worked. Then that day was over.
When they came back, they saw some tiny shoots. The plants had grown! They danced and sang. Then they weeded and that day was over. All summer long they worked on their garden. Then on the first day of fall, they harvested their crops. Joe dug up the carrots, Noah made the dirt soft so Joe could dig up the carrots easily. John harvested the other crops and their dad sold them in the market.
The End

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shelly's Silly Stuff:

Dear everyone who signed on our blog. This is Shelly speaking from the Heavenly World of Mexico. Just being foolish. It actually is Shelly, and that's not a joke.

Here is a dumb blonde joke: There was once this blonde who wanted to get her hair cut. So she went to a barber shop and asked them to cut her hair. (She was listening to something with her headphones.) And the barber said, "You'll have to take off those headphones before we can cut your hair." And then she says, "Oh no, this is my life." So they start cutting her hair and she fell asleep. So the barber is like, "Okay, now's my chance." So he slowly takes off her headphones and she wakes up and she dies. He's like, "Hmmm. What are those headphones saying?" So he puts the headphones on and guess what he hears? "Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out."

Do you know that Tory just chopped off her hair? I should send you a picture but it's almost my bedtime and Mommy's going off to a meeting. So all I can say right now is Bye for Now!
A few days before today, I remembered Phill who used to live in our home and was visiting us,
and how a long time ago he had said that the day I could tell him that couldn't eat jalapenos
was when I could eat one one myself, but he never thought I would do it!So can you guess
what I did , thats right,I took a jalapeno and a cup of milk and went to find him. I ate it and it
was so hot my mouth was still spicy 'till school time!