Tuesday, November 28, 2006

today my turtle died. I wrote a poem for its epitaph.
here lies
a turtleof mine
whome I was told
died of a cold
who has gone on
to a better time
a place with god
a place divine.
By Tory
Here is another poem I wrote:


Noah was a man of old, but by God Noah was told
"I do believe that man has gone mad, because he is being ever so bad.
He's disobeyed every law I gave him and I'm tired of yielding to his every whim.
I'm going to destroy the earth with a flood, and wipe away every trace of bad blood."

"So build a boat, this month of May, so that you and your family will be okay."
So Noah began to work as he took off his coat, to build an ark, a great, big boat!
And God gave Noah every direction, so that he was sure of complete protection.
120 years he worked, with his sons, they never shirked.

He kept talking of a flood of water, 'till all thought him crazy as the old, mad potter!
They thought it was so funny, and wondered where he got his money.
But then the animals came, from birds to a beast with a mane.
In fact, a pair of every beast, and food so they could have a feast.

The people said, "He realized he'd never get it to float, so he's putting animals into this great, big boat.
He decided to turn it into a zoo, especially when he heard a moo.
Then they went into the boat, with the animals more and more.
Then Noah prayed to God, and God closed the door.

It rained and rained for forty days, 'till Noah thought that God was crazed.
But then it stopped, what a blessed sound. And Noah was happy and dancing around.
Then they looked out, what a sight to see, for land was turned into a great, big sea.
Noah sent a dove out and back it flew, And with it came an oilve branch too.

Then they went out on land that was low, and there they saw the very first rainbow.