Sunday, September 10, 2006


Jonah was a prophet
And he had a lot to say,
But they were not his words,
But God's for the day

One night Jonah was praying
And he heard God say
Go to Ninevah
This month of May.

No no said Jonah
I will not go
Ninevah is a horrible place
So I say no!

So Jonah thought,
From God I'll run away.
He'll never find me
And I'll be okay.

Jonah found a ship
To Tarshish he went
In a storm so rough
The sails were bent

Who's fault is this?
The captain did cry
And Jonah said,
I'm afraid it is I.

Throw me overboard,
Into the sea
And save at least
Yourselves, not me.

So Jonah,
Overboard he went
And God
A great big fish he sent.

Three days and three nights
Spent inside a fish
Till Jonah was
Spit out with a swish.

Then Jonah went to Ninevah,
A humbler, wiser man.
He now knew not to run from God
But to do for God all that he can.

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