Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have a poem which I wrote the other day. Mom predicted that king Freddy would have something foolish to say about it.
The Fantasy of the Friendly Dragon
there is a friendly dragon
who lives across the gorge
its companion is an elfin child
whose leafy-green it bore

every night in their cloud -boat
they sail across the moon
the elfin-child awakens me and says,
"shh, we must leave soon"

for then in the leafy-green fields we play
until comes the dawn
and then I must blink my eyes
and then, of course, they're gone

but if you happen, in the day
to look out across the gorge
you may see the elfin-child
and the leafy-green it bore

and if you do so, in the night
as we play beneath the starry sky
you may hear the laughter
of the dragon, the elfin-child andI


King Freddy said...

Its a very fanciful poem. Did the elfin child adopt the dragon, or vice-versa? Perhaps the dragon ate it's parents?

Tory said...

you are too weird for words

Tory said...

and they were created for each other,
the elfin-child has no parents, it was created a child and it will stay a child