Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Never again go into the world with out a blog, or was it without a name I forget.........Anyway, prepare to enter a new world of foolishness. bub is already entering the terrible two stage and hes barely1!( at this point he toddles in) go away, I'm busy!

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King Freddy said...

This is a fine, elegant blog.
How large you have grown, my neice...it seems only yesterday that I dandled you upon my knee and sang these words:

"who is only 2 feet tall?
Buddah, Buddah
who's the cutest of them all?
Oh da buddah hey!

Bound to scream all night,
bound to barf all day
who's the cutest of them all?
Oh, da buddah hey!"

And then you would laugh, and vomit. Those were the days!