Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bub the cute is WALKING!And heres another poem.

Gods canvass
The sky, It is Gods canvass
He paints on it the blue so bright
He paints the moon in all its glory
And the sun' He paints its light

He paints the clouds,
so puffy in the sky
And he paints the sun sets,
A thousand lights to twinkle by.

now God's the master artist
so much better than we
and the sky's just one example
of His master artistry

PS. this poem's been made into an "official" song(you know copyrighted...) and the last one won a prize.


Ben & Jerrys said...

What a beautiful poem Tory. :)

King Freddy said...

I will personally hunt down and torture anyone who infringes upon the copyright of this poem!

Anisha said...

I think you should have posted this poem to get the prize. I really like your poem.