Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi, Shelly here. Sorry I haven't been posting so much, but you know, I have a busy life! (sorta:) Well, I have bad news. I broke my arm during swim, so i can't really type, so plese pray for me, ok? Because of the placce it broke, there is a large chance II will have to have surgery , and it sucks even more because I broke my right arm, so it will be extra difficult for me to do stuff. So, I beg of you, please. PLEASE pray that I won't have to have surgery, and thst i will heal quckly.


Windy said...

Wow! That's crazy! So sorry to hear that! Get better soon! We'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, I'll definitely pray for you! Love you lots!! xxx

Anonymous said...

:O absolutely going to pray for you to get better!!