Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi. This is Shelly after 2 weeks of not posting. Wow, Ive been lazy, and busy. anyhoo, we just finished watching The Last Airbender in 3D. It is pretty good, but the acting could have been better. It also has some pretty awsome graphics. After we finished, we ate at McDonalds and all had Big'n'tasty's with soda and fries. than we watched 2 episodes of Glee, and went on the roof to watch the fireworks, as it is mexican independence day. So, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves, and are having a cool independence day.


Windy said...

Errr... I did´t really like that movie, the acting was p-r-e-t-t-y pathetic! heheh
So awesome! I dunno, there´s always something special about Mc Donalds.
YES! The fireworks were AWESOME! Did you see the independence celebration of the Zocalo in DF? OMG! It was INCREDIBLE!

Tory said...

the acting in the last airbender was awful! Even jackson rathborne sucked! It was like it was under a bad acting curse (That could be an intresting comedy, te curse of te bad acting. have it start out like a normal chick flick and then have the acting get progressivly worse, untill they have to save all the movies in the world from the curse of bad acting. that would be kinda fun...)
-yours truly from the national ramblers scociety

Anisha said...

good idea Tory I would totally watch that movie lol