Sunday, May 16, 2010

There are several things that I have to say to certain people.
1. COMMENT!!!! Even if it is short, just say something.
2. POST!!! I check your blogs every day and certain people( not saying any names) do not post! So, if you love me than please post! Tx!
3. Tory ran a race! It was 1.2 km, but she didn't do so well because she didn't train for it at all. also it is a shorter race, and she is more into endurance running.
4. Please pray that the van can be fixed by Monday, and that they will fix it properly. We need to go to the states, and the van is taken apart.
That is all.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Hi Shelly,
Did you get your van working yet? When will you go to the States? I am not sure if I am one of the blogs you check / were referring to in this post, but I just updated mine, in case you wanna stop by and visit it. Hope you are doing okay. Write me sometime, I'd love to hear from you!