Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello! I know I have been posting, like not at all, so I will attempt to give a fairly satisfactory post this time.
Bub has been talking up a storm. His latest funny was when Celeste came to visit. He stood up cordially when she walked in and began jumping on the bed while presenting her with the following effusion: "Hello! This is my mommy and this is my daddy and I'm the monkey who eats all the bananas."
Thus his education progresses.
I have a new favorite quote. Courtesy of Adam Savage form Mythbutsers. "I reject you're reality and substitute my own."
Also, I am taking a poll. Should I dye my hair red or not? (not bright red, more like mom's) My present hair color is somewhere between brown and blond.
And i have one embarrassing story that happened this evening. I call it "the glamorous life of an Imaginary Rockstar"
I have a favorite pastime. I go where no one is around, turn up0 the volume on my mp4 and, using it as a microphone, I lip-sync to my favorite songs,while pretending that I am singing them in front of a screaming crowd of people, with band lights an such. Corny, I know, but a lot of fun.
So i went up to our flat roof and began rocking away to "Hair" by Ashly Tisdale. I paused the wrong way around in the middle of a spin. Abi, Andre, Sam, Nadia , and Martin were all staring at me like I was going bonkers.

2 comments: said...

Hehe, that's what you get for being a wierdo.
That's hilarious though...I would so totally hate for that to happen to me!
Shannon still dreadfully recalls the 100 poses...or so she calls it.
Anyways, we miss u...come visit us again sometime soon...

Anonymous said...

Jajaja sooo funny! And like nicole said... i would have hated it if ita had happened to me!! jaja