Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hi!, first of all, I know Iv'e been pretty spastic with this blog. I'm sorry!
Second, I hae a story to tell. I was rollerblading at the park, when I decided to try and take the big hill. this thing is pretty steep and thre was a crowd on the bottom of it, nevertheless, I decided to try it.
A bout halfway down the hill, I realised that I couldent stop, or even slow down, so I began shouting cuidado (watch out) at the top of my lungs. unfortunately one little girl didn't hear meand I bowled ito her and went flying. the kid wasnt hurt, thank god, only scared, but i hurt myself. When i first went to the red cross, the doctor said that i broke my arm, and put a half cast on it. now we went back to see a specialist aand he said that i just sprained it, but i still need to wear this stupid cast untill tuesday.
in other news, we taught bub to say my precioussssssssss like gollum any now he wont stop saying it!

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