Thursday, October 08, 2009

hi you all!
I am sorry that I havent been posting but it has been very busy. Well, a few days ago, alex, paz and their kids came over. I don't have any pics about then cause our camera was not working, but we had a blast. Here is the story:
First they arrived at around 10 pm andd we gave them a tour and all that jaz. then Niki, Shannon,and Jazmine came to our room and we talked and hung out. we were going to watch a movie, but it was too late.then we talked and talked till around 1 am. shannon and I wanted to go to sleep earlier, but they wanted the light on and we wanted it off, so that didn't really work. the next morning we had creps for breakfast courtosy of niki and then we went swimming. we swam for a long time till we got bored of that and played volleyball. then we ate steak, beans and potatoes for lunch. we had such a blast!then we started to watch First Knight but alex and paz left before we finished.

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Amber said...

glad you had fun!