Thursday, June 04, 2009

baby brothers;

"bubbles" is getting to be very cute. he says the funniest things! H has a chair that he calls his chair. He never sitts on it, but he freaks out whenever someone sits on it, 'No! That's my chair! get off sister!" he will never call shelly and I anything but "sister". he absolutely refuses to call us by our real names. bub has also become an expert on "camels noseing" his way out of bedtime; "Sister, I so hungry, i need bannanna. i need to go potty. want water" such a naughty boy!
when mom put him to sleep, he began singing(to the theme som of "bob the buildur" )

bub the builder
hes so cute
bub the builder
yes he issss!

when mom asked him who it was he answered " its me mommy,im bub the builder!"

1 comment: said...

OMG I just loved the video! It' should I describe it?
It's Fabulous!!! haha
All it was missing was a boy as troy.
Hey that rhymes!!ha a boy as troy!!!